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Residential Service
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Residential Service


This schedule of tariff is applicable to household and other dwelling places, temples and other religion places of worship, including its compound, through a single Watt-hour meter.

Energy Charge
First 15 kWh (1st – 15th ) 2.3488 Baht/ kWh
Next 10 kWh (16th – 25th) 2.9882 Baht/ kWh
Next10 kWh (26th – 35th) 3.2405 Baht/ kWh
Next 65 kWh (36th – 100th) 3.6237 Baht/ kWh
Next 50 kWh (101st – 150th) 3.7171 Baht/ kWh
Next 250 kWh (151st – 400th) 4.2218 Baht/ kWh
Over 400 kWh (up from 401st) 4.4217 Baht/ kWh
Service charge (Baht/Month) : 8.19  


A customer under tariff No. 1.1 who used electricity not over 50 units per month is still get electricity free of charge until December 2015 and since January 2016, customer under tariff No. 1.1 who is not legal entity and used electricity not over 50 units per month for the subsequent 3 consecutive months can use electricity free of charge in the third month.

Conditions Relating to Electricity Tariffs

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      The electricity tariffs herein do not include Value Added Tax (VAT).

    • 2

      Electricity charges billed for each month comprising the electricity base charge according to the tariffs herein; and an energy adjustment charge (Ft), which is the uncontrollable cost of the Power Sector. Such as the cost of fuels used in electricity generation that differ from the planned value, impact from rate of exchange and inflation rate. The energy adjustment charge will also be shown in the electricity bill.

**The above tariffs are effective as from the billing month of November 2015**