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Large General Service
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Large General Service


This schedule of tariff is applicable to a business, industrial, government institutions, state enterprise, foreign entities and international organisations including its compound, with a maximum 15-minute integrated demand over1,000 kilowatt, or the energy consumption for three (3) average consecutive months through a single Watt-hour meter exceeds 250,000 kWh per month.
Voltage level Demand Charge (Baht/kW) Energy Charge (Baht/kWh) Service Charge(Baht/month)
  On Peak Partial Peak Off Peak All Times  
4.1.1 : 69 kV and over 224.30 29.91 0 3.1097 312.24
4.1.2 : 12 - 24 kV 285.05 58.88 0 3.1471 312.24
4.1.3 : Below 12 kV 332.71 68.22 0 3.1751 312.24
On Peak
Everyday from 06.30 PM to 09.30 PM

Partial Peak
Everyday from 08.00 AM to 06.30 PM (only the amount of demand that is in excess of the On-Peak maximum demand will be applicable.)

Off Peak
Everyday from 09.30 PM to 08.00 AM (No demand charge)

Billing Demand
A billing demand is defined as the maximum 15-minute integrated demand during an On-Peak and Partial-Peak period over the monthly billing period that is measured to the nearest full kilowatt discarding the fraction of 0.5 kW.

Minimum Charge
A monthly minimum charge of any billing period shall not be less than 70% of the maximum billing demand charge for the preceding 12 months.

Power Factor Charge
For a customer with a lagging power factor, if in any monthly billing period during which the customer's maximum 15-minute reactive power demand (kilovar demand) exceeds 61.97% of his maximum 15-minute active power demand (kilowatt demand), a power factor charge of Baht 56.07 will be made on each kilovar in excess, determined to the nearest whole kilovar, discarding the fraction of 0.5 kilovar.


    • 1

      The customers, who before October 2000, are classified under tariff No. 4.1 (as per the former TOD rate), shall be classified under tariff No. 4.1 (as per the newly introduced TOD tariff). The customers, who before October 2000, are classified under tariff No. 4.2 (as per the former TOU rate), shall be classified under No. 4.2 (as per the newly introduced TOU tariff) in the following month after the installation of a TOU meter.

    • 2

      Customers under tariff No. 4.2 may choose to be under tariff No. 4.2 by notifying MEA in advance and shall pay for a TOU meter. However, once a decision is made, no alteration will be allowed.

    • 3

      Customers with a maximum 15-minute integrated demand less than 30 kW for 12 consecutive months shall be classified in the following month under Schedule 2.

    • 4

      Customers shall be liable to a monthly service charge in addition to the minimum charge.

Conditions Relating to Electricity Tariffs

    • 1

      The electricity tariffs herein do not include Value Added Tax (VAT).

    • 2

      Electricity charges billed for each month comprising the electricity base charge according to the tariffs herein; and an energy adjustment charge (Ft), which is the uncontrollable cost of the Power Sector. Such as the cost of fuels used in electricity generation that differ from the planned value, impact from rate of exchange and inflation rate. The energy adjustment charge will also be shown in the electricity bill.

**The above tariffs are effective as from the billing month of November 2018**