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MEA Conflict of Interest Management
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MEA Conflict of Interest Management

MEA Conflict of Interest Management

The Corporate Governance Committee perform their duties under the MEA‘s Board committee. The Corporate Governance Committee is responsible for developing and implementing policies in order to promote transparency through organization. The conflicts of interest that are covered under this policy exist in the following two levels:

Conflict of interest beyond department staff

    • 1

      Incident that makes conflict of interest

      • 1.1

        Misuse of MEA's confidential Information for personal benefits.

      • 1.2

        Having private business interests in the form of partnerships, shareholdings, board memberships or enter into partnership with companies or businesses that are in competition with MEA except MEA approve for formal written.

    • 2

      Giving or Receiving of Gifts that make conflict of interest (abide by statement of the National Anti-Corruption Commission committee)

Conflict of interest ,include the following subjects:

    • 1

      Relation of managerial level and operational level

    • 2

      Recruiting officer and settle someone in a place

    • 3

      Promotion and refresh position

    • 4

      Recruiting the best officer

    • 5

      Supporting scholarship for officer

    • 6

      Investigation of noncompliance

    • 7

      Sourcing resource

    • 8

      SPEC or TOR Design

    • 9

      Controlling of construction job

    • 10

      Internal control

    • 11

      Research and development

    • 12

      Capital fund

    • 13

      Monitoring and evaluated process

    • 14

      Electrical Services job or relevant business

    • 15

      Investment in relevant business